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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Hijack Kernel Questions
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·  About Hijack FAQ. 
·  What is the Hijack Kernel? 
·  What features does Hijack offer? 
·  What does Hijack require to work? 
·  Where can I get Hijack? 
·  Is it dangerous to install Hijack or a hacked Kernel? 
·  How do I install Hijack? 
·  Is there a way to automatically update Hijack with the newest release? 
·  How do I access Hijack's menu on the empeg/RioCar? 
·  What do all of the Hijack menu items do? 
·  How do I configure Hijack's options? 
·  What options for Hijack are available in config.ini? 
·  What does ir_translate do and how do I configure it? 

·  How do I access the built in FTP server, and what can I do with it?
 (Entry last updated on February 18th, 2014)

The Hijack kernel includes KFTPD, a kernel based FTP server. Simply point your favorite FTP client to the IP address of your empeg/RioCar, and login. You will automatically be logged in as root, and no login or password are required. You can browse the directories at will. You can also issue SITE commands, as you'll see below.

NOTE: By default, the Hijack FTP and HTTP servers only run when the player is in AC/HOME mode. If you are having trouble accessing these features, check to make sure the player isn't in DC/CAR mode.

Since the hard drives are mounted Read Only (RO) on bootup, you won't be able to upload/write to the drives until you issue a Readable/Writeable (RW) command. Here's a sample session using a command line client:

ftp xx.xx.xx.xx      <----- player's IP address or DNS hostname
user:                (hit enter)
password:            (hit enter, unless you have set up a password)
site rw
cd /drive0
put afile
mput morefiles*
site chmod 0755 executablefile
site ro
Note the RO command at the end of the session. Don't forget to remount your drives Read Only before you logout or you could mess stuff up (descriptive i know... details forthcoming).

Different FTP clients issue commands in different ways. Here's a quick breakdown on some of the most popular FTP clients:

Windows FTP.EXE:
SITE commands need to be prefixed by either "literal" or "quote".
For example, a (useless) session might look like this:
ftp> open
ftp> login: [enter]
ftp> password: [enter]
ftp> quit

(LITERAL can be substituted with QUOTE if desired)
You have to create a Custom Command with CuteFTP, as follows:
1. Select Commands -> Custom Commands -> Define from the menu bar.
2. Type a name identifier in the Label field, we'll do "RW" for an example.
3. Enter the command text in the Command Text field, which would be "SITE RW".
4. Enter an optional hot key in the Hot Key field. The command can be executed using Control+Shift plus this hot key.
5. Click the Add button.
The commands will be saved and you can access them with the menus or the hot key you set up.

After you are logged in, right click in the Remote Site window, select FTP Commands -> SITE, and type the command (i.e. RW, RO, etc) and click [OK].

Most FTP clients have the ability to issue commands, so poke around if your client isn't shown here. If sending plain SITE commands don't work, try prefixing it with QUOTE or LITERAL. Or you could always read the client's help file. =D

Here's a list of the ftp commands Hijack utilizes with descriptions:
Command Usage/Description
SITE RW Example:

Remounts /, /drive0, /drive1 for Read-Write access.
SITE RO Example:

Remounts all RW mounted drives to Read Only access.
SITE CHMOD 0755 executablefile

Standard Change Mode command to alter file permissions.

Reboots player, but issues SITE RO before doing so.
SITE POPUP 10 This is a popup message.

Displays a timed message on the display.
Format is: SITE POPUP [timeInSeconds] [message]
This is useful for userland apps to display messages easily.

Issues remote button commands. Works with .L modifier for Long presses.
SITE HELP Example:

Displays the list of SITE commands that Hijack understands... which should be all the ones listed here.
Multiple SITE commands can be issued at once, separated by semi-colons.

You can use FTP to update the kernal, which is described in the FTP section of the "How do I install Hijack" FAQ entry.

For FTP configuration options, check out the kftpd_control_port, kftpd_data_port, kftpd_password, and kftpd_verbose commands in the config.ini FAQ entry.

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