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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Upgrade, customization, and third-party software questions
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·  How do I upgrade my player's hard disk? 
·  How are the songs stored on a two-drive player? 
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·  Where can I find help on Linux commands? 
·  How do I send and receive files from the player? 
·  What is the file structure for the song and playlist files on the player? 

·  Can the player make MP3s from the radio, aux, or microphone inputs?

Some ideas for the player have involved doing real-time digital recording to its hard disk. Examples of these ideas are:

  • Using the microphone input for voice memo recording.

  • Doing Tivo/Replay style timed recordings from the radio.

  • Recording a different device from the Aux input, or mixing the Aux input with the output of another device (such as a voice-directing GPS system).
Although some of these are theoretically possible, it is unlikely that they will ever be implemented in the main player software. There are certain limitations in the hardware that prevent them from being easy or ideal to implement. These limitations are present because the player was designed from the ground up to be a playback device, not a recording device.

First of all, any sort of hard-disk recording would require that the hard disks are mounted read-write and remain fully spun-up during recording. This is contrary to the player's main design philosophy, which is to protect the hard disks by leaving them spun down as much as possible when in the car.

Then there are some issues with signal routing. The audio signal of the aux/tuner inputs is routed in such a way that prevents you from recording it in the background while listening to MP3s. In order to record from the radio, you would have to be listening to the radio while it recorded. This precludes the Replay/Tivo functionality.

Also, the recording quality of anything you recorded would be fairly low because of some limitations to the available sampling rates.

If you are a software developer and you want to see about implementing this sort of thing yourself, you're welcome to give it a shot. Some of these things can be done if you're willing to work around the limitiations. All of the input/output specifications of the player are fully public, and if you asked the empeg guys questions about it, I'm sure they'd be happy to answer them.

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