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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Upgrade, customization, and third-party software questions
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·  How do I upgrade my player's hard disk? 
·  How are the songs stored on a two-drive player? 
·  Can I make my own visuals for the player? 
·  How do I put custom logos or kernels into the player? 
·  How do I change the animated company logo? 
·  What is the file format for the boot logo files? 
·  Is it dangerous to put a custom kernel or a custom logo onto the player? 
·  Where can I find source code for writing to the player's flash RAM? 
·  What controls the combination of company logos and custom logos at boot up? 
·  How do I edit the 'config.ini' file on the player? 
·  Can I customize the alternate-row coloring in Emplode? 
·  How do I create a set of 'favorite' visuals? 
·  How do I use Hyperterminal to connect to the player's shell prompt? 
·  Where can I find help on Linux commands? 
·  How do I send and receive files from the player? 
·  What is the file structure for the song and playlist files on the player? 
·  Can the player make MP3s from the radio, aux, or microphone inputs? 
·  How do I get this Displayserver thing working? 

·  Can I use Ghost or Drive Image with the disks?
 (Entry last updated on July 1st, 2006)

Not recommended. More details:

Sometimes there are situations where you want to make an exact copy of all the music on the player. For instance, if you bought a new player and want to transfer all the music to it.

There is a utility installed along with Emplode called "EmpegClone" which uses USB to copy all the music from one player to another. This works fine, but some people would prefer something which works faster than USB.

The first idea that comes to mind is to use IDE cable adapters to plug the laptop drives into your desktop PC, then use a third-party utility like Ghost or DriveImage to clone one disk to another. This would be very fast, true. But it might cause trouble and is not recommended.

The car player uses a custom partitioning scheme which needs to be done a very specific way. Utilities like Ghost or DriveImage might not duplicate this scheme exactly right. In fact, there was at least one version of Ghost which had a very specific bug related to this. What happened is that the player seemed to work fine with the ghosted drive, until you attempted to upgrade the player. Then the upgrader attempted to rewrite the player partition using its custom scheme, unaware that Ghost had changed the drive geometry. This made the whole partitioning scheme go kablooey, the player stopped working, and all the music was lost.

The correct way to copy the entire contents of a player's hard disk to another disk is described in detail in the Disk Upgrade Guide.

If you happen to find yourself in this situation (player went kablooey after using Ghost), your only choice is to bare-metal-format the disk drive using and start over, using the instructions in the Disk Upgrade Guide.

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