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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Upgrade, customization, and third-party software questions
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·  How do I upgrade my player's hard disk? 
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·  Can I make my own visuals for the player? 
·  How do I put custom logos or kernels into the player? 
·  How do I change the animated company logo? 
·  What is the file format for the boot logo files? 
·  Is it dangerous to put a custom kernel or a custom logo onto the player? 
·  Where can I find source code for writing to the player's flash RAM? 
·  What controls the combination of company logos and custom logos at boot up? 
·  How do I edit the 'config.ini' file on the player? 
·  Can I customize the alternate-row coloring in Emplode? 
·  How do I create a set of 'favorite' visuals? 
·  How do I use Hyperterminal to connect to the player's shell prompt? 
·  Where can I find help on Linux commands? 
·  How do I send and receive files from the player? 
·  What is the file structure for the song and playlist files on the player? 
·  Can the player make MP3s from the radio, aux, or microphone inputs? 
·  How do I get this Displayserver thing working? 
·  Can I use Ghost or Drive Image with the disks? 
·  Can I add extra RAM to my player? 
·  Can the player's buttons be made to light up in the dark? 
·  Will we ever get voice recognition for the player? 

·  Can I install a cooling fan into the player?
 (Entry last updated on August 24th, 2003)

As stated here, you probably don't need to worry about putting in a fan; the player has a reasonably wide operating temperature range.

However, unusual circumstances might make you want to do this. For instance, if you have your player installed in the dash directly above a CD player which puts out a lot of heat. If you really have a desperate need for a fan, it can be done.

Click here for a detailed description of Frank Devocht's fan installation project. This uses a thermistor to control the fan speed, so that it doesn't make undue noise when the player isn't too hot.

Note that there are two pins on the player's main board labeled "Fan". Both of these pins supply a positive voltage, they are not + and - as you might expect. So if you are attempting to use these pins as your power source for the fan, just plugging the connector onto these pins is not enough. You will need to fashion your own connection to ground. Also make sure to measure the voltage you're getting from the pins, and construct the necessary circuit to ensure that the voltage is correct for the fan you're installing.

What kind of fan you install on the player is up to you. Remember that removing the player's lid will become more difficult when you've installed a fan, so the thinner the better. As long as you supply it with the right voltage, just about any low-profile 40mm fan will work. Patrick has the following suggestions using Farnell part numbers, quoted from the Empeg BBS:

    306-2600 - 40mm x 40mm x 6mm fan, 5V operation, 2.6 l/s flow.
    306-2612 - 40mm x 40mm x 6mm fan, 5V operation, 2.07 l/s flow, low noise.
    306-2624 - 40mm x 40mm x 6mm fan, 5V operation, 1.66 l/s flow, super low noise.

    Note that these fans have absolutely NO reverse polarity protection. Connect them backwards and you're out one fan. The fan can be held in very easily with the same plastic rivets that were used on the power devices on the Mk1 player. These are in packs of 100, farnell number 722-4321.
For a US source, try the ADDA AD0412MX-K90, which is Mouser Electronics Part Number 664-D4006MX-12V.

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