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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Known problems and troubleshooting questions
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·  Why do the visuals disappear every time I put it in the car? 
·  Why is the stereo image of my MP3 messed up? 
·  I get a 'pump' error when I try to upgrade my player firmware. 
·  I get a Windows Installer or MSI error when I install Emplode. 
·  I'm having trouble with my tuner module! 
·  My tuner gets terrible reception, but the extension cable is fine. 
·  My tuner doesn't tune in the correct frequency increments. 
·  When I pause/un-pause, or sleep/wake the player, it starts in a different part of the song. 
·  Why don't fast forward and rewind work properly? 
·  When I pull the power, sometimes it plays a different song when I start it again. 
·  I can't perform an upgrade, install a logo, or install a kernel when the player is in the docking sled. 
·  Why did my player suddenly start freezing at the boot-up logo screen? 
·  Why isn't the headlight-sense dimmer working properly? 
·  Why does my player think it's at home when it's in the car? 
·  Why doesn't my player go into standby mode when I turn off the ignition? 
·  Why is there a 'thump' from my amplifiers when I turn off the ignition? 
·  Why doesn't my Rio Car work in my Mark 2 docking sled? 
·  Why is my docking connector loose? 
·  Why is my Mark 1 getting harder and harder to pull out of the sled? 
·  Why is my Mark 2 hard to pull out of the sled? 
·  Why is my warranty seal already broken? 
·  I get a 'hardware revision check failed' message when I try to upgrade! 
·  Why did ethernet and/or USB quit working after I upgraded the software? 
·  My tuner quit working after an upgrade! 
·  Why is the song count different when I shuffle? 
·  Why can't I figure out how to do searches on the player? 
·  I selected the correct title in a search, and pressed OK, but the song did not play. Why? 
·  Why does Emplode keep getting my tags wrong? 
·  Why can't I read the display in the daylight? 
·  Why am I having problems with my car alarm or my keyless entry system? 
·  My rotary knob is slipping on its shaft! 
·  What do the synchronization errors mean? 
·  The clock on my Mark 1 player does not work. 
·  The clock on my Mark 2 player does not work. 
·  The Mark (cancel) key on the Rio remote doesn't work all the time. 
·  Why is the Shuffle menu backwards? 
·  Why does my player say 'Waiting...' on the screen? 
·  Why does my player rattle when I shake it? 
·  I don't like seeing the circuitry when the sun shines on the player. 
·  I have database errors and all of my playlists disappeared! 

·  Why does Emplode say I have less disk space than I think I should have?
 (Entry last updated on February 24th, 2002)

Let's say you've just bought a shiny new 20gb Rio Car. It's blank, there are no songs on it yet. You run Emplode, and it tells you that you've only got about 18.5gb of free space. What gives?

There are a few things at work here:

  1. Disk drive manufacturers are rotten filthy stinking liars who are trying to rip you off as hard as they can. They are truly evil, and they should all be rounded up and thrown in jail for complete fraud and misrepresentation.

    When a disk drive manufacturer says "20 gigabytes", it is a flat-out lie. They interpret the term gigabyte to mean "1,000,000,000 bytes". This is false. It is a convenient semantic trick which allows them to artificially inflate the size of the disk drive on the label.

    I don't know what color the sky is on their planet, but here on Earth, a gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes. A significant difference.

    Emplode reports true numbers, not fantasies and wishful thinking.

  2. The player stores a significant portion of the operating system and software on the hard disk, in a 32 meg partition that's separate from the music. There is also a spare 32 meg partition reserved for future software development. So in total, about 64 megabytes gets used for software.

  3. The player maintains a 16 megabyte "scratch" partition, a section of the hard disk reserved for storing run time data such as the equalizer preset details, and the running order of the music. This is part of the system which allows the player to pick up right where it left off when you plug it into the car (the other part is a small amount of flash RAM to store its state when power is lost).

  4. There is a 16 megabyte "swap" partition, used when Emplode performs a disk check on the player.

  5. All operating systems require a certain amount of overhead for organizing partitions and for indexing each file on the disk.

So after that's all totaled up, you end up with less disk space than you expected.

Also note, that when you're dropping new files onto emplode, a "fudge factor" is added to the size of the files to compensate for the fact that they don't know exactly how much disk space each file is actually going to consume. So a large group of new files may appear to eat more space than you think they should. But after you complete a synch, the free space number is accurate again.

Important: If you just added a folder's worth of new files to your player, and they seem to have consumed twice as much disk space as you expected them to (for instance, you dragged a 5gb folder onto Emplode, and the player's free space dropped by 10gb), the files might have been added twice. You probably had .M3U playlists pointing to the files, right? There's an option in Emplode 2.0 which allows you to import .M3U files. So each file probably got added twice: Once because you dropped the folder onto the player and once because you dropped the .M3U file onto the player.

To locate the doubled files, either use the "all tracks" view, or do an advanced search on "refs=0" to list all tracks that aren't in playlists. To prevent the problem from happening in the future, go to Tools/Options/Import in Emplode and disable the "Import playlists" and "Follow Windows Shortcuts" features.

·  Why does my player sound terribly distorted when I plug it into my home stereo? 
·  My remote control quit working! 
·  I have a Kenwood head unit, and its remote is controlling both players. 
·  Why doesn't Emplode work via USB on Windows? 
·  Why doesn't emplode work via ethernet on Windows XP? 
·  Emplode freezes up on 'Checking Disk Integrity'. 
·  I got an error message about 'e2fsck' at the shell prompt. What do I do to fix it? 
·  My docking sled's top edge is not 'bent'. 
·  Why doesn't my power antenna go up and down at the right time? 
·  The upper-left corner of my screen is cut off. 
·  My config.ini file went all goofy on me, and I can't edit my favorite visuals any more! 
·  My buttons and/or knob are sticking. 
·  What does the battery icon mean? 
·  I just tried to edit one of the visuals, and now my player locks up! 
·  There are glowing red lines on my display! 
·  My display has become garbled or dim. 
·  My display is blank! 
·  Why does my Mk2 player have poor stereo separation? 
·  Why doesn't my player play very high frequencies? 
·  Why doesn't the car player put out as much bass as my CD player? 
·  How do I stop it from trying to play a bad track? 
·  My player takes a long time to boot and says it is Building Music Databases. 
·  Why does it say 'No hard disk found contact support'? 
·  Some wires have pulled out of my docking connector! 
·  My handle doesn't snap back into place as well as it used to. 
·  My handle sticks in the 'open' position. Can I fix it? 
·  There is a gap between the handle and the fascia. Can I fix it? 
·  What is the proper way to remove the display board and the main board? 
·  Why can't I use USB after installing or upgrading Emplode? 
·  Why is my Mark 1 having intermittent power failure problems? 
·  Why are there pops, clicks, screeches, and stutters when I play MP3s? 
·  Half of my display is blank! 
·  In DC mode, player responds extremly slowly to button presses, and music skips. 
·  My Mk2's volume knob is being jumpy! 
·  Why do I get an error message about reiserfs? 
·  Why did my player wake up in the car and start blasting music all by itself? 
·  Why does my player start doing things all by itself? 
·  Why do my remote and front panel buttons only work intermittently? 
·  Why won't the tuner scan for the next station? 
·  Why did the tuner change stations on me? 
·  Is there a way I can test the player's hard disk for sector errors? 
·  Why does it always say End of Playlist? 
·  Is there a master parts list for the car player? 
·  What do the ide_data_test messages mean? 
·  How do I fix the Daylight Savings Time dates on the player? 
·  There are vertical lines on my display! 

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