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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Car installation questions
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·  Where can I find basic information about car audio electronics and installation? 
·  Should I install the player myself, or should I have it installed by a professional? 
·  What are the most common installation issues? 
·  What exactly is a ground loop? 
·  If I am using a separate head unit, in what order should the outputs be connected? 
·  How do I run a subwoofer if the player doesn't have a subwoofer output? 
·  What are the known issues installing a Rio Car into my (model X) car? 
·  At what angle(s) can I mount it in the dash? 
·  What's the best way to keep the player safe from harm or theft? 
·  Can I run 4 volt outputs into 1 volt inputs? 
·  Can I hook up a steering wheel remote? 

·  Can I mount it in the trunk or the glove box?
 (Entry last updated on June 4th, 2003)

Not recommended. Much of the user interface depends upon your ability to see the on-screen menus so you know what you're selecting.

If all you ever wanted to do was to hit next/previous track and adjust the volume, then sure, you could mount it in the trunk. You could use some sort of infrared repeater system or a variation of the steering wheel control interfaces to control it. It would work.

But why? One of the reasons that the Rio Car is such a great product is its ability to search for and select music out of your vast collection. This requires seeing the screen.

Do you want to mount it in the trunk because there's already a stereo in your dash and no room for the Rio Car? Dump the existing stereo. Trust me, you won't miss it.

The Rio Car isn't like a CD changer. It's a completely different way of listening to your music, and you're going to want it up there where you can get to it.

Now, if after reading the above, you're still serious about using it in the trunk, and you happen to have a spare PalmPilot, you can use Palm Empeg or Palantir to control certain aspects of the player from the Palm's screen. You would probably also need an infrared repeater system or some other way to remotely control the player itself. The player is not as full featured or as user-friendly this way, and these programs require some Linux knowledge to install and use correctly. For instance, Palantir requires that you have an infrared connection to the player, and it can only queue up tunes for playback, it can't remotely control all aspects of the player. But it's one possible solution if you have no other alternative.

There are also ways to use serial commands, VNC, or XML to remotely control the empeg from a computer. But if your problem is that you don't have space in your dash for the empeg, then you won't have space in your dash for a computer, either.

·  Can I run a display extension or 'Y' off the display board? 
·  Can I output the display to a video monitor? 
·  Can it control a CD changer, or be controlled as if it were a CD changer? 
·  Is it difficult to remove the car docking sled? For instance, to install the tuner or move to another car? 
·  What's up with the 'Grounding leads' on the Mark 1 player? 
·  How can I fix the gap around the edge of the docking sled?? 
·  Will installing the player affect my car alarm or my keyless-entry system? 
·  I have no room directly behind the sled for my tuner module. Can I make the cable longer? 
·  Do I need to combine the front and rear outputs of the player when connecting to a 2-channel input? 
·  What are the pinouts of the sled docking connector? 
·  I can't get my cell phone mute feature to work. 
·  Now that I've got my player installed, how do I get the best sound? 

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