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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Software and player operation questions
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·  Why do the visuals disappear every time I put it in the car? 
·  I just got my new player and I have many gigs of MP3s to install. Is there anything I need to keep in mind? 
·  Why can't I add more than one song at a time? 
·  What does the flashing LED on the faceplate mean? 
·  Do I have to put the player into standby mode before I pull the plug? 
·  Can I copy MP3 files back onto my PC from the player? 
·  Is there anything I should keep in mind when I grab files from the player? 
·  Can I back up the player's playlists and music files? 
·  What is the best way to organize and listen to my music? 
·  How can I keep my PC and my car player in perfect synch? 
·  How do I upgrade the firmware on the player, and will it erase my music files? 
·  Is it bad for the player if it gets too hot or too cold? 
·  Do I have to use the remote, or can I do everything from the front panel? 
·  What do all the buttons do? 
·  What's this I hear about a 'Stun/Kill' button on the remote control? 
·  What is a parametric EQ, and what does the 'Q' parameter do? 
·  Where can I download a list of EQ presets? 
·  How do I know what the hard disk is doing? 
·  Does disk space get wasted if I make a second copy of a song in a different playlist? 
·  What about editing/renaming multiple copies of the same song? 
·  How can I be sure that I've deleted all copies of a given song? 
·  How do I make albums play in the correct order? 
·  How do the Tweak Order functions work? 
·  How does the 'Ignore as Child' option work? 
·  What in the world is a 'Wendy Filter'? 
·  How do the Bookmarks work? 
·  Can I delete songs from the player's front panel? 
·  How can I tell which tracks I have marked with the 'Mark' key? 
·  What search terms can I use in the Advanced Search box in Emplode? 
·  What is this 'Soup View' I hear other people talking about? 
·  What do the little letters mean on the Info:Track screen? 
·  When I move the player between the car and the house, what does it do differently? 

·  Are there any 'Easter Eggs' in the player?
 (Entry last updated on April 5th, 2005)

An "Easter Egg" is a trick or surprise, hidden by the developers, in a computer program, a web site, or a piece of hardware. Perhaps one of the earliest and most famous easter eggs is Warren Robinett's signature in the Atari 2600 game "Adventure".

Easter eggs are a long and grand tradition among developers of high-tech software and hardware, and the empeg developers continue this tradition faithfully. The current known easter eggs in the car player are:

  • Various printed messages on different revisions of the player's main PC board. Some of these messages self-refer to other messages on earlier revisions of the board. At this time, a comprehensive list of these messages is not available.

  • Some of the printed messages are beneath soldered-down chips on the board, so you can't see them unless you desolder the chips. I do not recommend trying this, as the boards aren't made any more and cannot be replaced. You won't get any prizes for finding these messages (other than a player that doesn't work any more). An example of one of the messages is: printed beneath the flash memory chip are the words "Where Gordon Lives". Some photos of the messages can be found here.

  • In the player software, if you reach the end of a playlist (with repeat turned off) or if you start the player with an empty playlist, the "Info Tex" visuals will display a list of developer credits.
Mark Lord's Hijack Kernel also has a few easter eggs:
  • When you lose the Breakout game, it displays the Hijack version number. This is how you can check the version after boot-up. (Okay, not really an easter egg.)

  • It displays an animation when you win the Breakout game. In version 99 of Hijack, there was also a Wayne Gretzky reference displayed on the screen (Mark's Canadian, you see).

  • Various birthdays and empeg owner meets are commemorated with a popup message on the player screen at bootup, if the player's system clock matches the date.

·  What do the various symbols mean on the 'Aux Info' screen? 
·  Can I reset the number of plays and other statistics? 
·  Why does it play clusters of artists or albums? 
·  How do I cancel out of a synch? 
·  How do I skip to the next album or the next playlist? 
·  What is a FID? 
·  What happens during a synch, and what do the stage numbers mean? 
·  Can I use a USB-to-serial converter dongle with the player? 
·  What are some other good tricks for using the player? 

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