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rio car dot org FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Upgrade, customization, and third-party software questions
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·  How do I upgrade my player's hard disk? 
·  How are the songs stored on a two-drive player? 
·  Can I make my own visuals for the player? 
·  How do I put custom logos or kernels into the player? 
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·  Is it dangerous to put a custom kernel or a custom logo onto the player? 
·  Where can I find source code for writing to the player's flash RAM? 
·  What controls the combination of company logos and custom logos at boot up? 
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·  How do I create a set of 'favorite' visuals? 
·  How do I use Hyperterminal to connect to the player's shell prompt? 
·  Where can I find help on Linux commands? 
·  How do I send and receive files from the player? 
·  What is the file structure for the song and playlist files on the player? 
·  Can the player make MP3s from the radio, aux, or microphone inputs? 
·  How do I get this Displayserver thing working? 
·  Can I use Ghost or Drive Image with the disks? 

·  Can I add extra RAM to my player?
 (Entry last updated on July 16th, 2004)

Short answer: No. You can upgrade the disk drive storage, but you can't upgrade the RAM.

Medium length answer: Yes, but for most people, it's way more trouble than it's worth, because it would be of little or no benefit to you.

Long answer: The RAM is not plug-in-style, it is chips soldered directly to the player's motherboard. Due to the design of the board, you have to do a rather major hack involving piggybacked RAM chips soldered onto tiny SMT-sized connections. This is rather difficult to do.

Even if you do manage to get extra RAM working on the player, it doesn't do much of anything except give you more cache and database RAM, and more RAM to run third-party applications. For most users, this is not necessary.

For information on how to do a RAM upgrade, have a search round the empeg BBS for threads by people who have done this hack.

New info, July 2004: There is talk underway of a kit system being made available by PCATS for expanding Mark 2 and 2a players up to 64 megabytes of total RAM. This would still require very delicate surface-mount soldering work, and is best done by qualified technicians. And there would still be little benefit other than additional cache/database RAM, something that's not needed by most people. But if you're a hardcore hacker, or you're simply the type who likes to customize everything you own, it's do-able. Again, have a scrape round the empeg BBS for information.

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